Culinary Catastrophes...

Ever wonder what it looks like when food goes wrong? The most disgusting and unappetizing creations are born, that's what!

Ever feel like having a extra double stuff Oreo:

I think this culinary catastrophe is fairly obvious ... Can you count how many layers are in it?

If Oreo's aren't your thing, how about a "garbage plate":

This creation allows you to choose from a combination of cheeseburgers, hamburgers, Italian sausages, steak, chicken, white or red hots, a grilled cheese sandwich, fried fish, or eggs, served on top of one or two of the following: home fries, fries, beans, and mac salad. Mmmmmm!

Doesn't that sound so good?

If you're extra hungry, check out the rest of these works of art at this is why your fat.

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  1. I was interested in this post because my prof the other day told me that the reason the "white stuff" is white is from a little substance called titanium dioxide..also found in plastic forks, paint, and suncreen. yumm. It is also used on another goodie: the M's painted on M&Ms. haha, just thought this was an interesting little fact. (http://www.salon.com/tech/htww/2008/03/12/titanium_dioxide/print.html)