Recipe: DiZazzo home made pasta sauce! pt.3

Today, I'm going to continue part 3 of my pasta-sauce epic.

Making a Meat Sauce

To turn this already delicious sauce into something more awesome, we need to add some ground beef to the sauce.

NOTE: If you are using less than 5 cans of tomatoes, you'll want to decrease the amount of ground beef you put in the sauce so the sauce doesn't become too laden with meat.

Additional Ingredients:
  • Ground beef (1 lb.)
  • Canola oil (1 cup)
  1. Add the Canola oil to a pan and heat until it becomes less viscous (read: moves around more freely).
  2. Add the ground beef to the hot oil. It should sizzle.
  3. Chop of the ground beef with a wooden spoon, so that there are very small pieces.
  4. When the ground beef is brown, this is when any self respecting person would drain the fat and oil from the meat. Not us. DO NOT DO THIS ... It's not any fun!
  5. Close your eyes and pour everything into the sauce, meat, oil and all. Keeping the fat and the oil adds a significant taste and consistency to the sauce. If you're going to drain it, just give up and go to East Side Mario's now.
  6. Mix the meat into the sauce and let it simmer!
Making pork side ribs Additional Ingredients:
  • Pork Side ribs (see image)
  • Canola oil (1 cup)
  1. Cut the fat (large white portions) from the ribs. You can see a picture of them with it removed below:
  2. Cut up the ribs between the bones, so you end up with good sized pieces:
  3. Place the oil in a frying pan, heat it, and start placing the ribs into the pan. Make sure you have a lid to cover the entire pan. It's going to splatter!
  4. Once the ribs are browned on all sides - empty entire contents (again) into the sauce. Mmm flavour!
  5. The ribs need to boil for 3 hours in the sauce to become tender! Do not boil them for any less. This means that you should probably start getting the ribs into the sauce as soon as possible after you've started simmering it.
Finishing up

When everything is said and done, you will end up with a pasta sauce that has the consistency of the picture below: Well, that's everything for now. I hope you'll some day get to enjoy this recipe. I've made it for many people and their testimonies have made me think that I might some day open an Italian restaurant!


  1. I am using this recipe as of now. I used fresh tomatoes from the garden and added some fresh ground pepper and oregano to the sauce.

  2. Nice! Happy holidays to everyone!

  3. Hi this is my first time trying this. Can you tell me how to make good meat balls please. Thanks

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