My top 8 recommended places to fill up!

1. Talltrees (Huntsville)

This cute little restaurant is an old victorian home converted into a fine dining restaurant. Its nestled atop a hill overlooking the lake in Huntsville. Choice menu items are their Cesar salad (Dare I say it, it has more garlic than the ones they serve at Garlics!), their Fillet Mignon, and Strawberry Gratinee.

2. Fellini Koolini's (Albert Street)

This local Italian restaurant, manages to keep a "just like Nona's" style of cooking, but manages to pull off serving many people without turning into a "spaghetti factory". The food is fantastic, and the staff are very friendly. Personal favorites are the Brie and Raspberry coolie appetizer, three Italian cheese stuffed chicken breasts with spinach.

3. Garlics (Richmond)

This restaurant is known for massive amounts of garlic in pretty much every dish you can think of. Its been a while since I've gone, but, being a huge fan of garlic, pretty much everything on the menu is appetizing. My favorite would have to be the braised lamb shank, though, I don't know if they serve it any more because their menu changes monthly.

4. The Cottage Bar and Grill (Huntsville)

Perched right along the Muskoka river in Huntsville, this restaurant is a nice afternoon place to dock your boat, sit in the sun and have drinks while enjoying some of their pub fare. Favorites are the "Cottage Club" with pesto, mayo, and grilled chicken. Also delicious is the chicken cesar wrap! God, I miss summer.

5. The Keg Station (Richmond)

A classic place to enjoy a perfect steak, I've come to enjoy going here more and more. Although, other Keg's don't really seem to compare to the one on Richmond that was built inside the old train station. Maybe its the atmosphere, or maybe its the staff, but I prefer this location over others!

6. Bangkok Garden (Toronto)

This restaurant is located next to the Delta Chelsea in downtown Toronto, and serves a plethora of delicious dishes. I've only eaten there once, but by far it was the best Thai food I've ever tasted! It's the most fun to sample different items, so ordering food tapas style, you get the most selection for about the same amount of money.

7. Mill St. Brew Pub (Toronto)

This awesome little brewery is a good place to park yourself in the afternoon or evening after a day in Toronto. They have several different kinds of beer they make right there on location, and you can see all the brewery equipment as decor. Quite an interesting place to be. They serve the staples, but truely delicious is the Melted Brie and Grilled Chicken Panini. If you go, go for the beer. The food just happens to be there too.

8. Spageddy Eddies (London)

If you ever are out of ideas but feel like you have enough room to fit a herd of cattle in your stomach, go to Spageddy Eddies. Its buried in an alleyway in front of Carling street (for those of you familiar with Up on Carling ...). Just like the name says, they serve spagetti. Well, "spageddy", but LOTS of it. For 7-8 dollars, you get a MASSIVE bowl of pasta that will last you for 2 meals. Mixed drinks are also $4.25, so its a students dream come true.


  1. I have yet to try spaghetti eddies but now I will have to try it out! Thanks for the recommendation:)
    -Liz (lifelessonswithliz.blogspot.com)

  2. Spageddy eddy's is one of London's best kept secrets. I take my parents there every time they come up to visit from Cincinnati and they think it's really charming. And you're right about the food, there's a TON of it!

  3. Not being a huge fan of steak, I decided to take a risk and try out the Keg last month. Am I ever glad I did! My steak was cooked to perfection and topped with a to-die-for roasted red pepper sauce. I instantly fell in love with the place! I also love Fellini's Koolini's, and the atmosphere helps to make the experience. Thanks for mentioning Garlics- I have always wanted to try it!