GARLIC: I used to laugh at organic...

I recently visited a friend of my parents who works for a food health and safety advisory board, and she had some interesting bits of information I thought I'd share. So, have you ever walked by the organic food section in the grocery store and scoffed? "Why pay MORE for the way food was SUPPOSED to be grown!", right? Instead ask, "How's the cheap stuff different from the rest?".

Well, besides having a billion additives that could potentially make you look like you were conceived on top of a microwave, I recently learned that a country that may or may not go unnamed, I'm still deciding, has been injecting garlic with additives that prevent them from sprouting. China has been exporting this garlic (that didn't last long, did it?), and who knows what else, for several months now. This additive makes the garlic dry, and very much so less flavorful. More importantly, it's said to be bad to ingest. THIS IS BAD IF YOU LIKE GARLIC.

It also raises several questions:
So, it's really unfortunate that as students, we can't afford proper fruit and vegetables for our brains, and get stuck with having to consume potentially-hazardous-in-the-long-term chemically engineered rutabaga's and such.

Shouldn't we have to pay MORE for the produce that have additives, not MORE for the produce that comes with "less"?

Rant over. Also, if I disappear mysteriously, you know what happened.

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  1. I am so glad you brought this to my attention because I LOVE garlic. Why else would one want to work at a restaurant called "Garlics." At my restaurant we buy mostly organic and local produce, including garlic. If anyone enjoys garlic as much as I do don't be scared of the garlic ice cream..I've actually grown to quite like the unique taste :)