Kitchen Break

Some journalists say, that FOX news is a media channel controlled from the top, rather than being based on the objective journalism it so prominently boasts to be based on. Rupert Murdoch owns an abundance of media outlets, airlines, and even a movie studio. This goes to show you that money can reach further than facts and proof in our world today, an unfortunate truth.

However, does the video really differ from what FOX news is doing all that much? I'm not disputing the point being illustrated by the video, that is, that FOX news simply put is not "fair and balanced". But the video does not at all present a fair and balanced view on the topic. In fact, there are no "testimonies" from any FOX representatives. If it did, then we would have an equal amount of time
hearing about what FOX is trying to accomplish.

The video uses several methods of beating us to death with visuals, audio and repetition. The DRAMA is also unnecessary. I'm so sick of DRAMA. For instance, we are bombarded with clips of Bill O'Reilly telling people to shut up. Yes, it is humorous to see a grumpy, opinionated man do what he does best, but ... we get it already. The video doesn't have to use the same FOX tactics on us it so readily condemns.

I understand this isn't a trial, the point is that the media will never defeat my inner skeptic. Frankly, I don't care what some big corporation wants to tell me over the television. It'd be nice to know firsthand what’s going on, but that’s not possible when it's left to other people and their personal agendas, and we have to accept that.

I'm not trying to discredit the video in any way. I'm trying to point out that it too is a device, developed by the media, to enlighten, entertain, or sway opinions about another organization. As viewers, we have to be aware of this, and able to be our own "filters".

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