Subway @ UCC

I was super excited when I heard we were getting a Subway in the UCC. The food at Subway not only tastes great and is somewhat more healthy, it's a fast meal when you're in a rush.

Furthermore, for Christmas, I got a gift card for Subway! So, naturally, this made me happy.

I feel a little betrayed tonight because I tried to use coupons that I received in the mail for Subway. Whats the problem, you ask?

I ordered my food tonight, and had the full intention of using my awesome coupons! I got a footlong meatball sub, dressed it up the way I wanted, and when I strolled up to pay for my tasty layered creation I pulled out the coupon!

What happened? Apparently, the UCC food places can't accept coupons. Since it's all part of one big happy meal plan system, they have no way to accept coupons. Ok - we'll this is a problem because I didn't have enough cash on me to pay the difference. MY GIFT CARD! So I pulled out the life saving card and handed it over to the cashier.

"We don't accept those, either". At this point I was a little frustrated and I asked "What the hell do you accept!?". I was tempted to offer up my math notes, but really, even I don't want those.

So, I didn't have enough cash, was out of meal-plan money, and they didn't take the friggin coupons. So I pushed the drink and the chips back at the cashier, unwrapped the sub, took half, and wrapped up the other half and returned it to her. What else could I do? I payed for what I could afford and left. How annoying!

Ultimately, it's probably my fault for not checking to see if they accepted them in the first place, and not having a contingency plan, but still. Talk about giving somebody a false hope. I was really excited to use them!


  1. Subway has a tendency to give less toppings than Mr. Sub though. I remember hearing that during the big Jared campaign, it was actually part of their policy, but that could've just been hearsay.

  2. I don't mind really, I think we can all deal with a little less of a "lettuce sandwich"... and more of what we ordered :P

  3. This actually happened to my brother when he was visitng me. He went to the Subway and only had credit and debit on him. Since they don't accept that either (and he didn't know) they ended up giving him the whole sub for free!

  4. Ohhh nick... don't u know by now that campus chains never accept coupons or gift cards? i think it might have to do with the fact that the school is trying to make as much money off of us students as possible!
    but at least now u know... CARRY CASH!! lol