The poll results are in ...

At the beginning of the month, I added a poll to my blog which asked readers if they had used any recipes they found on my blog... Well, the results are in and here they are:

Here's the breakdown ... I voted yes once, and my girlfriend voted yes once ... and the rest of you voted 'No' (essentially) so that means nobody has used anything from my blog!!

Seriously, why? What type of recipes would you use if I posted them? Are you looking for extremely gourmet recipes? More "reviews"? What? I'd love to know.

Discuss below!


  1. Honestly, gourmet meals make me nervous. Anything I would eat in a fancy restaurant always has to be seemingly perfect, and frankly, I am a klutz and mess up sometimes. Maybe throw in a few more quick and cheap ideas. I like your recipes, but some of them seem a little intimidating to my pallet.

  2. All of the recipes are super easy to make. I hate cooking and make most of them on a regular basis!

  3. @anon: I guess that's why you voted yes :P

    @Magda: I understand that ... I'll try that. But when you say intimidating to your pallet, do you mean you think they wouldn't appeal to your tastes? Or in references to the rest of your post, intimidating to make?