Have you used any recipes from my blog?

I'm curious as to how many of you actually use or have used recipes you've found on my blog. I've added a poll on the right-hand side for you to place your vote on.

I'm interested in an accurate count of how many people are using the posted recipes, so if you haven't yet gotten around to cooking one or two of them (I know you will!), please answer honestly.

The point of the poll is to determine what types of posts I should be focusing on for you, my loyal readers! So if the results come back and lots of people have made recipes from here, I'll happily keep posting more. Otherwise, I'll try to increase the amount of list posts and "top tens", as well as "popular food" types of posts.

Thank you!


  1. I have...The mushroom pita pizza.
    Delicious. I meant to comment earlier..but yeah, very tasty.


  2. Thanks for posting Ryan,

    but you forgot to vote, haha!

  3. the sauce is incredible. only sauce I ever make now except for a bolognese