Why is junk food so much more satisfying?

Being in computer science involves long, late night hours. I'm talking going to Middlesex college at 9pm and not leaving until 8am the next morning. No word of a lie, go there any time and you'll see at least 3 computer science students staying over night.

So, naturally long midnight shifts require some sort of nourishment. For most CS students, its chips, pop, candy... mostly junk. Anyway, the point is, I wish I had that junk food right now. And I ran out of nuts because I've been too busy to shop lately! Nuts were at least better than this!

There's something about making one of these that just doesn't work when combined with programming.


  1. Dearest Nick,

    I agree that nothing satisfies quite like the bowl of chips, however, having to do the long night studying (for MIT), I have come to realize that I no longer need food to study. I find that I just get distracted...I would much rather have a really large mug of tea and by really large I mean like soup bowl large, maybe some chocolate mint tea. Delicious!
    Try some tea next time you take the plunge and do an all nighter!

  2. Hi Laura,

    I took your suggestion and found some type of tea (first random one in my cupboard, lol). I've never really drank tea before, so I'm not sure what kind of flavours I like yet.

    Speaking of tea, did you know there is an awesome tea place in the market downtown? I see it all the time when I go, but never bothered to check it out. Maybe I will now, and you should too!


  3. By awesome, I mean, they have about 500 different flavours....

  4. tea makes your penis fall off

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