Why Gordon Ramsay is the best chef on TV.

Not only does Gordon Ramsay star on multiple shows, he owns many restaurants, with his own personal touch in each one of them. Angry head chefs? Probably!

That's not why I think he's the best. You might want to skip this post if swearing offends you.

This is:

and this:

Not only does he have a colourful palate of words (ha ha, funny), he manages to come up with unique and interesting way to insult people on every show.

He also has become so big, there are mock videos about his adventures critiquing various restaurants; see these "little Gordon" videos:


  1. I would love to eat his food, but I'm getting a little bored with his yelling. More so on Hell's Kitchen than Kitchen Nightmares. (I don't watch the F-Word...yet.) Every week he tells someone to "GET OUT!" and the preview is always calling the next episode, "the most explosive, shocking one yet." But it's just more yelling. But I guess as long as he's not yelling at me, I'm okay with it.

    That kid does a scary-good impression.

  2. I find the F-Word a very tamed down version of Ramsey actually. My dad and I just love Gordon Ramsey, but in a "he-can't-be-real" kind of way. After working in many restaurants I've definitely seen first-hand that a lot of chefs have a hot head..one time at a restaurant I will not name (about 4 years ago) I witnessed my big 'teddy-bear' of a chef (who was actually an ex-football player) pick up his 250-pound grill chef and throw him in the sink...after this swearing seems like a pretty nice alternative haha.

    Also, I'm meeting one of my all-time favourite Food Network personalities Chef Michael Smith (Chef at Home, Chef Abroad etc.) in 9 days! If anyone has one of his books and wants it signed I'll bring it for you haha.


  3. I think the whole point of the f-word is so that he doesn't say it... of course it slips every now and then, but he had James May on one episode (who absolutely destroyed Ramsay in all their competitions) ... and Ramsay told him not to swear on his show... lol.

    Thanks for your comments!

    1. Oh, you dumb fuck, the F-Word is "FOOD", not "FUCK".

  4. I think you have to take Gordon Ramsey with stride. His insults are a little over-the-top, but I think that's the point. What do you think would happen to him in real life if he spouted off like that to everyone? He wouldn't be alive most likely.

  5. You stupid fucking cunts. F Word is Food, not Fuck. Stupid fucking wankers.